Lauric Acid, 99%, 25KG/55LB FOOD GRADE

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Lauric Acid is a fatty acid present in high quantities in coconut oil, babassu oil, palm kernel oil and naturally occurring in many other natural substances. When saponified, lauric acid forms a hard soap with a very fluffy lather. We use lauric acid in our formulation of remeltable soap base products and as an additive in some other soap products. 

Saponification Value Range: 253 - 287 (KOH) 

We use a converted SAP value of 200 for NaOH in soap making. Lauric acid will accelerate your trace. We recommend starting with a small usage rate in a small batch.

Lauric acid may also be used as a hardener for candles, as well as other uses.

Lauric acid does not dissolve in water. 

Lauric  acid is a white solid substance which may be granular, pellet or flake form.

Lauric acid melts at around 110F or 44C.

Lauric acid has a light bay odor (bay as in bay laurel, not the body of water)

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This product is sold for the purpose of manufacturing consumer commodities or soap. Good Earth Spa does not provide guidance for using lauric acid for any other purpose. Please consider ordering a 1lb bag before purchasing 55lb so you can properly test lauric acid in your applications. 

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