Lauric Acid

Lauric Acid

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Lauric Acid 99%

Lauric acid is the fatty acid found in coconut oil that is responsible for the lather and hardness of coconut oil soap. Add it to your soap formulations to increase hardness and lather. Saponification value 279 – 283 KOH.

Lauric acid is commonly found in food shortening, and lauric acid is also used to make the detergents in many shampoos and other products. It is naturally occurring in coconut oil, laurel oil, palm kernel oil, human breast milk, cows milk, goat milk and more. Lauric acid has a light "bay" smell. (Such as in the bay laurel oil or bay spice, not the body of water)

Home Soap-Making Uses: Add 5% to your soap formulation for increased lather and firmness. Use in higher concentrations for laundry products. Great additive for castile olive oil soaps to add bubbles to the lather. *When adding to soap formulations, note that this fatty acid will accelerate your soap trace. We recommend starting with a low usage rate in a small test batch, 1-10% so you can see how it behaves in your formulation.

We use this lauric acid in our clear soap melt and pour base. You can find the recipe on our youtube channel.