Grumpy Goat Milk Soap with a Huge Unattractive Crack Down the center! 2lb Loaf

Grumpy Goat Milk Soap with a Huge Unattractive Crack Down the center! 2lb Loaf

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Limited Time Offer!! Thankfully, we only ended up with eight loaves like this.

What is this ugly hot mess? It's our standard fragrance free goat milk soap made with organic ingredients. It has organic shea butter and the same ingredients as our best selling soap. 

What happened? In the midst of this summer heat wave, the soap overheated. While the soap is still pretty awesome, it doesn't meet with the standard look we were going for. It overheated a bit. When this happens, the soap starts to crack. I had two options here... Either hot process it into a new variety or just let it go and sell it at a steep discount. Since I am so busy right now, I decided to do the latter!

Anything else I should know? Us soap-makers know of a mythical creature that we affectionally named "soap gremlins." Even the most experienced soap-maker is occasionally visited by the soap gremlins. Their main purpose is to humble us so we don't get too cocky about our abilities to manufacture the best soap ever.

What are the ingredients? Organic Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Goat Milk and Organic Virgin Shea Butter.

Will this deal ever come back? Ugh!!! I seriously hope not!

Is there anything wrong with using overheated and cracked soap that is ugly as sin? Nope, it is the same stuff. In fact, some people even say it is better?!?

Will you cut it into bars for me? Yes, I will do anything possible to get rid of the soap ASAP because I need my shelf space for my regular stock. Send me a message, and I will cut it into 8 bars per loaf for you. If you don't say anything, I will send the uncut loaf, and you can have a bigger bar of soap than all your friends!

How much is US shipping? Free if your cart is at least $30, so get two of them!! Or get one and add some of our other varieties to your cart. Otherwise, the cart will calculate a shipping price for you.

Do you ship to AK, PR, HI? Yes, and anywhere the post office goes, I can ship it to you. That also includes Guam, American Samoa and others!!

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Jeanine G.
United States United States
I’m not at all grumpy

A great deal on perfectly usable soap that slightly resembles the Grand Canyon! Thanks Bonnie!