Incense Sampler Pack - 80 total sticks
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Try the Sampler Pack and Save! 80 total sticks.

Get 10 sticks of each scent:

Scent Descriptions:

Cedar & Cypress, the bugs hate it but you'll love it. Made with all natural cedar and cypress oils. 
You'll enjoy this woodsy outdoors natural scent.

Aromatherapy: Mind-clearing, relaxation, calming, anti-stress & tension, sleep aid


Dragons Blood - NEW! [description coming soon!]


Evergreen Tree, the forest woodsy scent of fir needles, spruce, pine and other evergreens made from their fragrant essential oils and/or resins. Actual evergreen blend varies due to availability of sustainable tree needle and wood oils. The well rounded blend makes a great holiday incense or woodsy all-year scent. 

Aromatherapy Guide: Grounding, stimulates creativity, healing


Frankincense, made from the actual resins & essential oils of frankincense resin and has a natural frankincense balsamic aroma which smells similar to a mix of pine, citrus and sweet with a unique resinous depth that only true frankincense can give. Burning natural frankincense in a stick is safer than using charcoal. 

Aromatherapy Guide: Mind opening, healing, relaxation, aids in meditation.


Nag Champa, made with natural sandalwood powders and phthalate free fragrance. An incensy blend of sandalwood and plumeria.
You'll enjoy this everyday favorite.

Aromatherapy: Calming, Stress Relief, Meditation, Inner peace, Amorous


Oakmoss & Amber, a blend of essential oils and phthalate free fragrance. This scent can be described as deep, sexy and refreshing!
Musky & Woody Amber base. This scent is adored by men and women alike. Oakmoss & Amber works wonderfully for household odors because it is strong, fresh and lovely! Earthy & Clean. Changes over time. A lighter whiff followed by a deep and sensual scent to follow. 

Aromatherapy: Relaxing[of the body], Stress Relief, Grounding, Pleasure, Mental Clarity, Meditation, Relaxed Awareness


Patchouli is one you'll love or hate. Think hippy. We use all natural essential oils to make our Patchouli incense. It's the real deal!
Made from Dark Aged Patchouli Essential oil from Indonesia and/or India. 

Extremely popular scent in the 1960s and used for centuries, this one is hard to describe if you have never smelled it. But we'll try to give you some clues: Earthy, green, pungent, sharp, musky, rich, woody, heavy, penetrating.

Aromatherapy Guide: Aphrodesiac, repellant, balancer, relaxing yet stimulating. 
Traditionally thought to bring prosperity and abundance.


Vanilla, made with natural vanilla oleoresin and vanilla bean phthalate-free fragrance.
You'll enjoy this sweet warm scent

Aromatherapy: Anxiety, Aphrodisiac, Mood Improving, Calming, Soothing

Incense Sampler Pack - 80 total sticks

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