Goat Milk Soap Fragrance Free with Shea Butter, Organic
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Our Goats Milk soap is made by cold process and retains it's natural glycerin, a humectant that draws in moisture. Our soap is wholesome, the natural way. Our Goats Milk soap is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Goats milk contains skin-healthy proteins and makes our soaps feel luxurious with a creamy lather. Shea Butter is known in cosmetics for it's moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory qualities as well as vitamins A, D, F and essential amino acids. Shea butter gives our soaps a rich moisturizing lather and helps prevent drying of the skin.  All of our soaps are Ph balanced.

4 oz net weight each.

Now Made with 70% Organic Ingredients

Ingredients:  Organic Sustainable RSPO Certified Palm Oil, Goats Milk,  Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Sodium Hydroxide & Organic Shea Butter. 

Our Goat Milk Soap is Fragrance Free and has a very light soapy smell. 
Bulk Orders of 40 bars or more are packaged in loaves of 8 or 10. 
Orders between 1 and 39 bars will be individually wrapped.

  • Size: Quarter Pound Bar

Goat Milk Soap Fragrance Free with Shea Butter, Organic

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8 or more: $3.52 each
10 or more: $3.39 each
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48 or more: $3.08 each
72 or more: $2.97 each
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