Bath Bomb Bars 4-Pack with Cocoa, Mango & Shea butter
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We are reintroducing our Bath Bombs in a brand new shape:

The Bath Bomb Bar

Sold in 4 packs and made to order. Feel free to customize with your favorite scent in the drop down menu.


When choosing a scent you can choose a fragrance and/or an essential oil. If you choose both, they will be blended together. Each 4 pack includes matching bath bombs. Because our bath bombs are made to order, we can not mix and match scents within a 4-pack. Example: If you choose lavender and vanilla, you will receive 4 bath bombs that are all scented in a lavender vanilla blend. You will not receive half lavender and half vanilla.

You can choose color or no color. At this time, we do not have specific color choices. We try to match it somewhat to the scent. If you leave a note, we will try to honor your color preference. Our colorants for bath bombs are D&C and FD&C Lakes which are approved for body use. They will not leave a messy ring in your bath tub. The colors we use in bath bombs are man made which means they are synthetic. If you want to avoid a specific color, just leave me a note. Good Earth Spa's finished products are not tested on animals and it is possible that the bath bomb colorants may have been developed using animal testing by their respective manufacturers in the past. Our bath bomb ingredients and colors do not contain animal ingredients.

This product is Made To Order and therefore, will add additional turn around time to your order. Please allow 7 - 10 business days. Thank you.

Bath Bomb Bars 4-Pack with Cocoa, Mango & Shea butter

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6 or more: $6.61 each
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