Catbud - Dried Catnip Flowers 10g
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Catbud - Catnip Flowers. 2015 Summer Outdoor Harvest.

When we began distilling Catnip, we discovered a bulk of the pure natural essence was found in the flower with little in the leaves. The Essence is the scented part that drives cats bonkers! If your cat loves ordinary catnip leaves, she will be in for an extraordinary treat with Catbud. Give a spear or bud of catnip to your cat(s) and watch as they nibble it and roll around.
Catnip helps cats with digestion and it is perfectly safe and normal for cats to eat it. 

Want to grow your own catnip? Shake out some seeds and plant them next Spring! Just give your container a good shaking to release the seeds and you will see them collect at the bottom. Catnip seeds are small and dark brown to black. 

About Our Catnip:

  • Homegrown in the USA
  • Grown without the use of synthetic chemicals
  • Harvested at full potency
  • hang dried for optimum scent retention
  • Fresh harvest
  • Limited Quantity Available


Be sure to check out our Catnip Essential Hydrosol! 

  • Size: 10 grams

Catbud - Dried Catnip Flowers 10g

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